SpellWalk SF: Civic Center

August 5, 2020. 2.7 miles. 40 minutes. Average speed: 4.05 mi/hr.

The problem with trying to SpellWalk “Civic Center” is that it’s too small of a neighborhood. As a result, I had to abbreviate it to “Civic Ctr”–as of the time of this post, the only SpellWalk that has included an abbreviation–and shrink the scale down. The clashing SoMa and north-of-Market grids also constrained the walk to one side of Market Street for legibility.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

If I could do it again, I’d move the top of the second “C” in “Civic” one block to the north, even though it would be inconsistent with the ceiling of the other letters. Right now, the second “C” looks pretty silly. I also probably wouldn’t do this walk at night again.


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