SpellWalk SF: Bayview

July 5, 2020. 4.3 miles. 64 minutes. Average speed: 4.02 mi/hr.

I took this walk the day after Independence Day. Therefore, its highlight was the unbelievable amounts of fireworks debris all over the streets and sidewalks. Exploded and burned canisters, boxes, sparklers all left a faint scent of gunpowder lingering in the air.

I discovered an error on Google Maps as I returned to my car following the completion of this walk. I had parked at Oakdale Avenue and Griffith Street, and the route’s ending point was Newcomb Avenue and Whitney Young Circle (the right prong of the “Y”). The route on which Google Maps sent me on to return to my car led me down Garlington Court and on a path through Adam Rogers Park that supposedly intersected the end of the court. It turned out that that path was fenced off and inaccessible–perhaps it was part of the adjacent apartment complex. In case you find yourself in that area, know that that is not a viable walking path as of July 5, 2020!


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