SpellWalk SF: Ingleside

June 21, 2020. 4.9 miles. 80 minutes. Average speed: 3.67 mi/hr.

This route was no joke. It consisted of long north-south blocks up and down the same hill which kept getting steeper toward the east. The lowercase “i” on Orizaba Avenue was the steepest segment; Orizaba terminates at Lakeview and Ashton Park atop the hill’s summit. Tired and sweaty, I finished this walk with relatively clean and crisp lettering.

Ingleside is one of the few neighborhoods in southwest San Francisco I was able to map out. As mentioned in the introductory post, much of southwestern San Francisco is comprised of tiny “neighborhoods” which are really just groups of subdivisions. (Technically, the area I walked for this route is in both Merced Heights and Ingleside.) In addition to there simply being so many neighborhoods, they nearly all exist on separate street patterns, have no grids at all, and/or have blocks that do not have enough intersections to spell anything. Fortunately, this street pattern was able to be used.


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