SpellWalk SF: Potrero Hill

June 20, 2020. 4.5 miles. 91 minutes. Average speed: 2.93 mi/hr.

I think this walk was memorable for two of its non-walking aspects. First, I acquired some rather unusual decor. Residents looking to offload or dispose of possessions that they no longer want often put such items on the sidewalk. On this walk, I encountered two fake life-sized crows for the taking. They were not taxidermy crows; their bodies appeared to be made of styrofoam with feathers, wings, eyes, and a beak attached. They looked quite realistic. I walked past them, took a note of where they were, and then stopped by on my way home to pick them up. Since then, they have continued to sit in my car, as I have no idea what I’m going to do with them.

Second, I stopped by a Peruvian restaurant (Mochica on 18th Street) after the walk for a Pisco sour, empanadas, and churros. This was shortly after San Francisco had begun to allow outdoor dining, and this was my first experience returning to a restaurant since shelter-in-place began. I was surprised to realize how much I had missed eating at restaurants.

And lastly,


Call it Potrero HILLS, please. Because that’s more accurate.


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