SpellWalk SF: Noe Valley

May 30, 2020. 5.0 miles. 76 minutes. Average speed: 3.96 mi/hr.

“This event will occur rain or shine.” – Tickets to outdoor concerts

Well, this walk occurred rain AND shine. As I spelled “LLE” in “Valley”, it was raining. The rest of the walk alternated between cloud cover and sunshine.

I am rather proud of this one. The letters came out clean and crisp. It also appears balanced and somewhat symmetrical. The “N” and the “V” appear almost as mirrors of each other and are taller than their adjacent letters by exactly one block. The top of “ALLEY” is flush with the top of “V”, whereas the bottom of “OE” is flush with the bottom of “N”, giving the impression of an east-west axis of symmetry running between Clipper Street and 26th Street.

I was concerned I would not be able to find streets amenable to forming the “V”. Fortunately, Castro Street takes a diversion around a hill into Newburg Street. This is pretty much the only place in Noe Valley where a “V” would be possible.


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