SpellWalk SF: Nob Hill

May 16, 2020. 2.4 miles. 36 minutes. Average speed: 4.02 mi/hr.

I took this walk around 10:30 AM on a Saturday when the sun couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be out or not. It was too hot for a light jacket, but a bit too cool not to wear one. Consequently, I ended up sweating more than I would have liked, which made me cranky.

This was a pretty quick walk, although it wasn’t the easiest. The transition from the “b” to the “l” occurred right at the peak of Nob Hill, so the “nob” portion of the walk was almost entirely uphill.

As I was completing the first “l” in “hill”, I had to make a u-turn at Clay and Leavenworth. The entrance to Le Beau Market is at that corner, and as I walked past, I passed between a store employee metering customers into the store and a man queuing for entry on the edge of the sidewalk. The man waiting looked a bit irked that I permeated his 6-foot radius. (But I didn’t want to mess up my “l”!) Ten feet later, I made a u-turn, and again walked between him and the store employee. As I walked past, the man waiting said (rather passive-aggressively) to the store employee, “Huh, this sign says we’re supposed to maintain six feet of separation.”

Sorry, guy! If it’s any consolation, you didn’t give me COVID-19 from our half-second encounter. I hope I didn’t asymptomatically transmit it to you either.


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