Beta Testing

Before I started spelling neighborhood names, I SpellWalked a couple routes as proofs of concept. Specifically, I sought to test the following:

  1. Could easily identifiable letters be spelled given the variability in the Apple Watch’s recorded GPS location?
  2. Would a casual observer who doesn’t know what the route is supposed to say be able to read it?
  3. Would the path connecting the letters distract too much from the letters themselves?

I chose the Richmond District of San Francisco as my canvas for these routes because of its large, relentless rectilinear grid spanning approximately three miles west-to-east. The Richmond’s grid also does not traverse a multitude of hills, in contrast to the gridded neighborhoods north of Market Street.

Truth be told, the SF neighborhood SpellWalking project only came about because I was trying to decide what to spell after these first two SpellWalks, and the only thing I could think of was “Nob Hill”.

I think these turned out alright. What do you think?

May 2, 2020. 5.3 miles (inclusive of the tail at the end). 78 minutes. Average speed: 4.08 mi/hr.
May 9, 2020. 7.5 miles (inclusive of the tail at the end). 112 minutes. Average speed: 4.03 mi/hr.


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